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Our Hybrid training program combines the best of Personal Training, Bootcamps, 24/7 Gym access as well as nutrition coaching and accountability to get the best results possible and provide an overall amazing fitness solution for your goals and lifestyle.

The hybrid training program will give you everything you need to guarantee you are progressing towards your health and fitness goals and getting everything you need along the way.


This program is very flexible and allows you to get the benefits of Personal Training, Fitness Bootcamps, 24/7 Gym access as well as nutrition coaching and accountability.

Our Hybrid workout program is the ultimate results based program that is flexible around busy lifestyles and gives you all the support you need to achieve your goals.

Benefits of the Hybrid Program

Our Hybrid training program has many benefits from both a health and fitness results perspective and a lifestyle perspective.

Hybrid combines the benefits of Personal Training sessions as well as the benefits of Bootcamp sessions giving you unlimited variety with your training and allowing you to achieve a wide variety of goals

Eg, fitness, strength, weight loss, toning, rehab, prehab.

Hybrid gives you plenty of nutrition coaching and accountability around the training to make sure you are getting all the support you need to achieve your goals.

Hybrid also allows you to progress towards your goals more strategically and work around injuries and medical conditions as you progress as well as the ability to adapt and change your training to suit your goals as needed.

Hybrid is very flexible making it easy to fit sessions in around a busy lifestyle and giving you the ability to make sure you fit training in around your busy schedule.

Hybrid is an overall health and fitness solution so it gives you a well-rounded approach to your health and fitness goals and allows flexibility and adaptability making it sustainable and consistent for you so you can achieve your goals.

Looking to get started with Hybrid Program

If you are looking to get started and are serious about achieving your goals, then the hybrid training program is for you.

The Hybrid full body workout program works around injuries, medical conditions, busy lifestyles, and any other challenges you have to make sure you achieve your goals.


Personal Training sessions

Complete Personal Training is done in Private and semi-private sessions and is a great way to focus in on your goals and accommodate and needs you may have.

Unlimited Bootcamp sessions

Fitness Bootcamps sessions are a great way to train and have fun and progress towards your goals there is unlimited variety and plenty of motivation and support from the fitness trainers to guarantee a great full body workout program

Unlimited 24/7 Gym access

Unlimited 24/7 Gym access gives you the ability to train 24/7 and fit sessions in around busy lifestyles

Unlimited Nutrition coaching

Nutrition coaching is an important part of your results, so we give you unlimited access to our nutrition coaching program to make sure you get all the help you need to achieve your goals.

Plenty of accountability to keep you on track and make sure you achieve your goals.

Accountability is very important to keep you on track and make sure you are progressing towards your goals, so we make sure are doing what you need to get the results you want and help you stay on the track the whole time.

This workout program for men and women is the ultimate way to achieve your goals and will give you everything you need so book your free consultation today and let’s get started.

Make a Change

Real People. Real Results

We understand that change can be hard and sometimes looking after yourself is the last thing you get to focus on. We are a team of coaches and fitness professionals that have helped 1000’s of people through their transformation journey. We know what it takes and exactly what you are going to need every step of the way towards your goals.
It all starts by you taking the first step and getting in touch with us.

Once you do that we will sit down with you and make a plan towards your success! 

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Hybrid Training Program


Do I Have To be Super Fit To Join Hybrid Program
We cater for all fitness levels

We will go over all your goals and any injuries and make a plan that suites you individually

Do You have a creche

Yes, we have a crèche area for kids and babies but we are also very family friendly so you can bring kids and babies with you anytime

We are located at Maitland-2/539 High st Maitland

 And Boolaroo- 36 Creek reserve rd Boolaroo


We are a 24/7 facility
Yes we cater for injuries and medical conditions

When you come in we will do a full consultation and go over goals, injuries and medical conditions

There is no age limit for Training we would just need to do a consultation before you start

Yes, we do have change rooms, showers and toilets so you can easily get ready for work or freshen up after your session




Gym H0urs

Monday – Sunday : 24/7

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