Success stories

40kg gone!

50KG Gone!

40kg gone!

Vanessa Taylor

I love training at Adam Prowse because they tailor the training to suit me and it’s fun and motivating
Since I started at Adam Prowse I have lost 25kg and am the strongest and fittest I have ever been

Lachlan Northey

The trainers at Adam Prowse have helped me lose 40kg and it has changed my life now I am focusing on strength and muscle gain

Amanda Laurel

I was very nervous about gyms and starting an exercise program but I found the trainers and atmosphere at Adam Prowse to be very friendly and accommodating:)
Since training at Adam Prowse, I have lost 40kg and feel great

Jean Morgan

I like coming to Adam Prowse because the trainers become like friends and they motivate you and it’s just
the best place!

40kg gone!

50KG Gone!

40kg gone!

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